Knee High Stockings

Knee High Stockings...

...perfect whether you're attending Bob Fosse's funeral...

...uh, something that somehow requires a full-length dress with a hood...

...or you just want to sit around admiring your own knees. 


What is it about Peds that just make a girl want to put on her snazziest wide-leg pants and go running in front of rock formations? Formations that look suspiciously similar to those used in Star Wars, we might add.

This woman's so happy about her Peds she doesn't even notice the giant foot about to stomp her out like a bug. 

Queen Size

Well, this is a new one. Although we here at Strange Hosiery have come to accept that packaging designers are under the collective impression that putting on a pair of pantyhose somehow makes women want to go topless, this is the first time we've seen one put on her hose, throw off her top, and take a seat. 

Having said that, we have to admit that's a great chair. 

Is it us, or does she look like Cybill Shepard?

One Size

Ah, where to start... 

We're not sure what part of this we like best. 

Her "My hose are better than yours!" pose,

her fabulous 70s wicker chair, 

her meth addict coiffure, 

or the fact that she's standing in an Isadora Duncan-worthy relevé.

Of course we also like the directions for finding your size, too. 

That's right, ladies! All you have to do is move your finger along the squares!

Standing in a Box

Talk about out of the box thinking!

This gal is so excited by her new hose she just can't contain herself.